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Our Specialities Include…

HR Bundling

There are two approaches for managing HR and employment risk. One is like tip-toeing through a minefield blindfolded and the other is like driving on the interstate in a luxury car. Bundling HR is the idea of hiring one vendor, maybe two, for dealing with all your HR and employee benefit needs. Bundling HR is proven to reduce turnover 10-30%, improve employee morale, give you access to world-class employee benefits, and protect the company from costly employee litigation. Plus it can save a fortune on health insurance costs. Click to find out more about how HR bundling can help your business.

Group Health Insurance

Great employees are the heart and soul of a growing business. Offering attractive and affordable employee health benefits allows you to attract and retain talented individuals that matter to the organization. Unfortunately, most companies are overpaying for employee health benefits or group health insurance. Aliere Advisors can show you three alternatives to consider when offering better health benefits for less money for your group.

PEO Consulting

Outsourcing HR to a PEO is a fundamental business strategy we recommend every client consider at least once a year. One client saved around $250,000 per year by outsourcing HR to a PEO and accessing more affordable health benefits. We offer PEO consulting as a complimentary service for all businesses. The process involves considerable underwriting effort by the PEO to evaluate risk. The best thing to do is let an expert help you with the process.


The Ulitmate PEO Decision Guide