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I’d already heard about Insperity and Paychex and figured that was pretty much the story on PEO. A trusted attorney suggested I talk with Art over at Aliere Advisory. They educated me about PEOs and managed a selection process for me. They took our messy data and cleaned it up to get 3 different bidders competing. They negotiated the rates and terms, helped me with the contract language. They even showed up to help with the onboarding When I met these guys I was stuck with a huge increase on our health insurance costs. Now, instead of costing more money, I’m saving over a quarter of a million with our new PEO. I’m really glad we found these guys.

D. Kerr

CEO, Multi-State Oilfield Supply

As a scientist I am naturally analytical. I was already skeptical about the entire PEO model. My office manager/controller seemed to be handling HR just fine, and I just didn’t want to rock the boat. Our benefits and HR were subbed out through my insurance agent and a few different vendors. I had relied on my insurance guy for a long time. He was never a big fan of PEO. Finally a family member suggested I talk with Art about finding a bundled HR vendor. Long story short, we are now with a great PEO and saving money. Honestly I don’t think I could ever go back to using multiple vendors again.

N. Claytor

Phd, CEO, High Tech Manufacturing

We are small family owned business with about 100 people. My little sister has been the controller and all around taskmaster for 25+ years. She manages everything in the back office. She was always complaining about something to do with employees or taxes. All I can say is that i’m glad I met Art when I did. He educated us about PEO and helped to get my sister over the hump. Since Art moved us to the PEO, my office has been a much happier place. The best part about this whole deal is that we got better benefits than we had and I’m still saving around $175K per year. Happy people, happy sister, I’m happy.

G. Hamby

CEO, Plating Technology

We had been with the same PEO for several years and things were going fine. A friend of mine suggested that I meet with Aliere and said they had saved him money by shopping around PEO vendors. I’m glad I did. They ended up coming back with a better PEO that saved us significant cash. All the partners got bigger bonuses and that’s always a good thing. The PEO we were with was a fine solution for us, so I never took the time it bid it out. After being with them for three years I think we were just too comfortable. I will be calling Aliere every couple years from now on.

J. Gannon

CEO, Commercial and Multi-Family Developer and Property Management

As the GM of a fitness business I try and stick to what I know. Keeping this place running and our customers happy is more than a full time gig. I don’t know how I ever managed 35 employees without a PEO. The truth is that we likely dodged a bullet, probably more like a few. I knew it was smart to shop around but I have too much on my plate. I got introduced to the guys from Aliere and hired them on the spot. It was free! They came back with multiple bids from the PEOs. I got to pick the best one. The best part was I didn’t have to meet with any pushy salesmen. That’s a win in my book, everyday. Our PEO has been great and this is our 4th anniversary with them.

M. Treadway

GM, Fitness

I have been a interim controller or due diligence professional for 30+ years. I was brought into a deal by one of my former clients who ended up owning the company in a recent transaction. He needed a complete assessment of the business and how to improve things quickly. I decided to look at our current PEO vendor to see if we could get more from a sizable investment in outsourced HR. I called my old friend Art over at Aliere Advisors and asked them to look into it for me. It turned out that the vendor we were with was a mess and it was hurting the company. The owners rear end was really exposed. Aliere did everything, and helped me find a better PEO. I’m happy, my client is happy and our new PEO is super proactive and responsive.

D. Tesarek

Water Purification Technology

In our tax practice we help business owners structure transactions to minimize taxes and increase cash flow. In other words, I get paid to show my clients how to find profits they didn’t know about. That’s why I love introducing my clients to Aliere Advisors and Art Goetze. In 1996 my firm was doing tax work for Art’s consolidation roll-up company. They bought over 200 companies, this is how I know that his firm can be trusted with our clients. The very first deal I referred to Aliere, they saved my client nearly $200,000. My client loves me now. I introduce all my clients to Aliere, it’s free look.

F. McQuilken


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